prisoner1572: oh

prisoner1572: guess what

stanmann18: what

prisoner1572: remember that crazy chik that was watching me sleep?

stanmann18: ya

prisoner1572: she's back!

stanmann18: o

stanmann18: where she?

prisoner1572: i went 9 out of ten weeks without seeing her

prisoner1572: and she's here!

prisoner1572: gah!

stanmann18: in ur room?

prisoner1572: no

prisoner1572: i saw her in cafe

stanmann18: she see u?

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: she watch u eat...

prisoner1572: YA!

prisoner1572: she did

stanmann18: sucks

prisoner1572: she stared at me the whole time!

prisoner1572: im gonna stay in my room and never come out until she leaves

stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: she's probably out in the hall

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: she's outside my window

prisoner1572: watching me through the cracks in the blinds

prisoner1572: she sleeps outside my window i think

prisoner1572: there's a small nest

stanmann18: ha

prisoner1572: in fact

prisoner1572: when i wake up in middle of the night

prisoner1572: i see a head

prisoner1572: and an arm caressing the window

stanmann18: yes a head

prisoner1572: outside the window

stanmann18: bah

prisoner1572: i think she chants my name outside too

stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: u heard it in the wind

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: ........wwwwwiiiiiiilllllll.........