CANTtouchTH1S 89: hey

prisoner1572: hiya

CANTtouchTH1S 89: asl

prisoner1572: 15/f/IL

CANTtouchTH1S 89: kool

prisoner1572: u?

CANTtouchTH1S 89: 15/m/wi

prisoner1572: cool

CANTtouchTH1S 89: wanna cyber?

prisoner1572: ya!

CANTtouchTH1S 89: ight

CANTtouchTH1S 89: u start

prisoner1572: well, no, ima a girl, you gotta start

CANTtouchTH1S 89: ok

CANTtouchTH1S 89: we in a hotel room, i start to shower, while we takin each others clothes off

prisoner1572: your shirt is off?

CANTtouchTH1S 89: yeah

prisoner1572: ok, we sit down on the bed

prisoner1572: me behind you

prisoner1572: i rub your shoulders

prisoner1572: give you a massage

prisoner1572: i put my arms around you

prisoner1572: and feel your chest

prisoner1572: while i kiss your back

prisoner1572: and shoulders

prisoner1572: and i reach over to the nightstand

CANTtouchTH1S 89: i lay u on the bed and stick my dick in ur pussy

prisoner1572: no, no, no

prisoner1572: we still have most of our clothes on

CANTtouchTH1S 89: ohh, sorry

prisoner1572: you didnt undress me

CANTtouchTH1S 89: lol

prisoner1572: but i am still behind you

prisoner1572: i take my shirt off

prisoner1572: and press myself to you

prisoner1572: and take the knife from the nightstand

prisoner1572: and stab it in your stomach

CANTtouchTH1S 89: ok, no

prisoner1572: i push you to the floor

prisoner1572: while you are holding the knife

prisoner1572: and i kick you in the face

User CANTtouchTH1S 89 is not available.