stanmann18: i tired....i can feel it......i sleep saturday yawn

prisoner1572: no

prisoner1572: WAKE UP

stanmann18: i go to ur house and sleep

stanmann18: on saturday

stanmann18: so u put me on chair and sit me in front of ur computer and u play games

stanmann18: they u take me to baseball field and throw baseballs at me and hit me

stanmann18: and the hitting knocks me out more and more

stanmann18: they u place me out in the field and hit the baseball and it directly hits me again

stanmann18: then u*

stanmann18: then u give me firecracker and lite it...and tell me to throw it

stanmann18: but i still sleeping and it blows off my hand

stanmann18: u say "ur bleeding!!!!!"

stanmann18: u put me in my car....and then u sit in passenger seat and say "lets go to hospital"

stanmann18: ...

stanmann18: when u dragged me out in baseball field and laid me down across home plate......and throwing baseballs at me

stanmann18: a cop stops and looks at u ( u at pitcher mound ) and me laying on the ground

stanmann18: u see cop and yell bah! and u run to me and pick me up and take my arm and wave at cop

stanmann18: he goes...."ah...nice kids staying out of trouble"

stanmann18: then he drives out of sight

stanmann18: u throw me on ground

stanmann18: u run back to mound and start throwing more baseballs

stanmann18: then u see me scratch my butt and move on my other side and u say "what the fuck"

stanmann18: u run away and hide behind tree

stanmann18: and u stare for 30 minutes