prisoner1572: gah

prisoner1572: so work much

stanmann18: gah scared!

stanmann18: what about work?

stanmann18: what work?

stanmann18: HW?

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: writin papers

stanmann18: o

stanmann18: u should drop out of school.....

stanmann18: pretend that u still go to school

stanmann18: so ur parents wont get mad

stanmann18: and then after 4 or how many years u want to go to school for...

stanmann18: u come home with piece of paper thats has written Degree

stanmann18: and parents all happy and u have party

stanmann18: and u go and find job

stanmann18: u show at ur interview ur paper thats days Degree

stanmann18: and the company hires you

stanmann18: and u CEO

stanmann18: ur paper that says degree*****

prisoner1572: haha!

prisoner1572: ya man!

stanmann18: YEAH!