stanmann18: i dont know if we do anything this weekend

prisoner1572: what?! WHY NOT!

stanmann18: weather is going to suck...and what we do anyways

prisoner1572: weather not going to suck

stanmann18: ya

prisoner1572: we hang out

prisoner1572: Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming partly sunny. Highs in the lower 50s. West winds 10 to 15 mph.

prisoner1572: how does that suck?

stanmann18: when we hang out

prisoner1572: sat

stanmann18: it 44 degrees sat

stanmann18: and....

stanmann18: Very windy-gusts to 40 m.p.h. Morning sprinkles/brief showers— some wet snowflakes. Remaining cloudy. Coldest night ahead in 6+ months.

prisoner1572: you lie

prisoner1572: thats not what mine says

stanmann18: thats what chicago tribune says

prisoner1572: besides, thats what it will be till spring now

prisoner1572: we dont hang out till spring then

stanmann18: i grizzly bear

stanmann18: i stay in

prisoner1572: then i shot in my pants

prisoner1572: and go over to your house

prisoner1572: and leave them in front of your door

prisoner1572: only my pants

prisoner1572: my shitty underwear come with me

stanmann18: what the fuck

stanmann18: where did that come from

prisoner1572: cuz you stay in

prisoner1572: and not hang out

stanmann18: i so confused

stanmann18: y u shoot pants with poo?

stanmann18: stun

prisoner1572: i mean i shit

prisoner1572: or shoot poo

prisoner1572: that too

prisoner1572: i shit my pants

stanmann18: then we do sat

prisoner1572: we shit in our pants sat

stanmann18: but over telephone

prisoner1572: together

prisoner1572: no telephone

prisoner1572: hang out shitting ourselves

stanmann18: we can only hang out over telephone...cuz....u carry diseases

stanmann18: my parents say i cant hang out with you people