stanmann18: ahhhhh
stanmann18: will
stanmann18: talk dammit
prisoner1572: whatr up !
stanmann18: aaahhhh
prisoner1572: ahh
stanmann18: ya
stanmann18: what u do
prisoner1572: watch tv
stanmann18: u no do
stanmann18: u must kill
prisoner1572: ok
prisoner1572: whoi?\
stanmann18: the student body
prisoner1572: ok

prisoner1572: i did
prisoner1572: that was \fast
stanmann18: ya
prisoner1572: \what do i do with all the bodieS?
stanmann18: put in lunch room meat
prisoner1572: ok
prisoner1572: but who will eat if everyone dead?
stanmann18: just to remind you....dont eat meat
prisoner1572: ok
stanmann18: u kill all?
prisoner1572: why not eat meat
prisoner1572: i like meat
prisoner1572: and ya
prisoner1572: u say kill student body
prisoner1572: that not all?
stanmann18: the head kid
prisoner1572: wha?
prisoner1572: who that?
stanmann18: the student president
prisoner1572: he died too
stanmann18: ok
prisoner1572: when i kill student body, everyone dead
stanmann18: feed kids bodies to surrounding residents and towns and put mind altering pills in kid meat
prisoner1572: ok
prisoner1572: cool
stanmann18: and u take over your part of illinois
prisoner1572: ok
stanmann18: ah govenor a pleased to meet you
stanmann18: mayor william
prisoner1572: ya?
stanmann18: ya
stanmann18: but listen
stanmann18: that would be the perfect way to control the world
prisoner1572: ya?
stanmann18: cuz u feed the drugged residents to other places to spread your empire
prisoner1572: kill everybody
stanmann18: ya
prisoner1572: and feed the bodies to everybody
stanmann18: and it keep expanding
prisoner1572: ya
prisoner1572: EXPAND!!
prisoner1572: go forth my children and spread the empire
stanmann18: ya
stanmann18: u take over cities....countrys
stanmann18: counrties
prisoner1572: ya
stanmann18: countries
stanmann18: jeez
prisoner1572: that would be the shit
stanmann18: yea
stanmann18: u can kill of and feed anyone you select
prisoner1572: ya!
prisoner1572: die DIE DIE!!!
stanmann18: u keep hot women and u mind altyer them and u just fuck them
prisoner1572: ya
stanmann18: have sex all day and night
prisoner1572: ya
prisoner1572: and kill people in spare time for food for other people
stanmann18: and them u mind alter farmers to have non tainted cattle and crops so u can eat
stanmann18: cuz u have to control
prisoner1572: yes
prisoner1572: what u mean non tainted?
stanmann18: and a few select top people
stanmann18: and they dont fight you cuz u mind alter them
prisoner1572: ya
stanmann18: u dont drug ur own food
prisoner1572: no
prisoner1572: that would be cr4zy
stanmann18: u smoke weed
stanmann18: u following me?
prisoner1572: ya
prisoner1572: no!
prisoner1572: you follow me!
prisoner1572: i take over
stanmann18: we will talk about this when u come home for spring break
stanmann18: remind me
prisoner1572: whay?
prisoner1572: what you mean?
stanmann18: we talk about this when u come home
prisoner1572: talk about whayt?
stanmann18: this
prisoner1572: what is this
stanmann18: how this would work
prisoner1572: i forget
prisoner1572: oh
prisoner1572: ya!
prisoner1572: we talk
stanmann18: ya
prisoner1572: ya
stanmann18: i go
prisoner1572: ok
stanmann18: sleep
stanmann18: but play war game
stanmann18: bye
prisoner1572: ok
prisoner1572: i do