stanmann18: i still have torch to burn things

prisoner1572: yeah i thought you threw it out

stanmann18: yeah ok i throw

stanmann18: and then i yell at myself

stanmann18: for throwing it out

prisoner1572: yeah

stanmann18: and i stand near garbage can on my sidewalk

stanmann18: and yell at the garbage man for taking it away

stanmann18: thats funny shit about yelling at garbage man

prisoner1572: yeah

prisoner1572: and you jump in back

prisoner1572: while he ride away

stanmann18: no

prisoner1572: and you dig through garbage

stanmann18: i just stand in one spot...i can turn but dont take one step in any direction

stanmann18: then i yelll at him of y can so empty

prisoner1572: and they mad cuz you yell

prisoner1572: and they say they no pick up your garbage anymore

stanmann18: no

stanmann18: my neighbors come out to take their can in back

stanmann18: and i yell at them

prisoner1572: and you throw all you garbage out the window

prisoner1572: into your yard

prisoner1572: and one day it all gone

prisoner1572: and you say"I beat city hall."

stanmann18: y u make story up!

prisoner1572: cuz it funny

stanmann18: no

stanmann18: or...

stanmann18: the garbage is in my yard

stanmann18: and the garbage man comes...and tries to pick it up

stanmann18: but i run out and stand in my spot and yell at him

stanmann18: to not touch it

stanmann18: tell him ....."get outta here"

stanmann18: "get! u!"

stanmann18: then i run back in house and look out of the corner of my window and watch my


stanmann18: and when people walk by and look at my garbage...i open window a crack and

yelp.... BAH BAH!

prisoner1572: and some bum lives in your garbage pile

prisoner1572: he makes a cave

prisoner1572: and it fall on him

prisoner1572: and he die

prisoner1572: and you pull him out

prisoner1572: and rub him

stanmann18: no rub

prisoner1572: and say "come back to life

prisoner1572: i no want you dead"

prisoner1572: and you blow on him and say" I breathe life into you

prisoner1572: and he no wake up

prisoner1572: and you yell

prisoner1572: y u steal my life and no wake up

prisoner1572: and you shake him

prisoner1572: and yell "gimme back my life!"

stanmann18: then i quit and throw garbage on him

stanmann18: then i say....u still give life to my grass since u r its fertilizer now

prisoner1572: and since u breath life into hobo and he give life to grass

prisoner1572: you think grass is your kids

stanmann18: ha

prisoner1572: and you cuddle your baby grass

stanmann18: ha