prisoner1572: we had nasty dinner today

stanmann18: what was?

prisoner1572: ham

stanmann18: o

prisoner1572: cooked with pinnaple and cherries

prisoner1572: in water

stanmann18: o

prisoner1572: the ham wasn't that bad

prisoner1572: but the pinaanaples and cherries tasted like shit

prisoner1572: they were all salty

stanmann18: i the honey glazed ham

stanmann18: ha

prisoner1572: what?

prisoner1572: u honey glazed?

stanmann18: cuz it was probably processed from shit

stanmann18: my eyes r honey glazed

stanmann18: glazing and crusting over

stanmann18: then i chisel it away with my fork

stanmann18: and eat it

prisoner1572: when u sleep

prisoner1572: ur dog come in your room

prisoner1572: jump in ur bed

prisoner1572: and start eating your eyes

stanmann18: and my family too...when i sleep

stanmann18: cuz they like the honey glazin taste

stanmann18: savages!

prisoner1572: yeah

stanmann18: then they run away when i wake up like cockroaches running when the lights turn on

stanmann18: then i wake up and get out of bed.....i walk throughout my house with my family

watching me with their beady eyes and their mouths drooling

prisoner1572: and they at kitchen table

prisoner1572: with enpty plates and a fork and knife in each hand

prisoner1572: and they watch you

prisoner1572: and lick their lips

stanmann18: then i go into bathroom, close door, and take shower

stanmann18: then they run to door and lay down on ground and sniff the bottom of the door

crack to smell my honey glazin eyes

prisoner1572: that so funny but so sick

prisoner1572: it creepin me out

prisoner1572: i no be able to sleep now

prisoner1572: cuz roomate will suck my eyes

stanmann18: probably....since he hungry cuz dinner sucked

prisoner1572: ya