prisoner1572: study study study

prisoner1572: bla bla bla

bermbat: hump hump hump?

prisoner1572: ?

bermbat: hump hump hump

prisoner1572: no humping

bermbat: why

prisoner1572: what are you gonna hump?

prisoner1572: midgets?

bermbat: my tv

bermbat: maybe radio

prisoner1572: y?

bermbat: cuz I love the radio

bermbat: and I want to express my love

prisoner1572: that much?

prisoner1572: wow

bermbat: yes

bermbat: don't you?

prisoner1572: no

prisoner1572: tv maybe

prisoner1572: not radio

bermbat: WILL

prisoner1572: ?

bermbat: I enjoy

bermbat: Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla Pop

bermbat: and

bermbat: Diet Cherry Coke

prisoner1572: no

prisoner1572: i hate diet

bermbat: why

prisoner1572: tastes bad

prisoner1572: only regular

bermbat: you can't tell the difference with diet dr pepper

prisoner1572: i can

bermbat: no

prisoner1572: i can always taste it

bermbat: nonononononononono

prisoner1572: ya

bermbat: nonono

prisoner1572: i've had diet dr pepper chery vanilla

prisoner1572: and i didnt like

bermbat: I hump diet dr pepper

bermbat: hump hump hump

prisoner1572: bah

prisoner1572: you gonna get vd with all that humping

bermbat: :(