stanmann18: my sis get fuckin ipod mini

prisoner1572: boo

prisoner1572: mini boo

stanmann18: i should get it...she will never use it

prisoner1572: take it and beat her over the head with it

prisoner1572: then she wont know she doesn't have it

stanmann18: strangle her with cords

prisoner1572: then put earphones on her ears and make her listen to music

stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: but who needs ipod...u can make ur own music

stanmann18: especially in class

prisoner1572: ya? how?

stanmann18: u can drum on peoples heads

prisoner1572: i dunno how?

stanmann18: and sing when teacher teaches

prisoner1572: sing about the lesson

prisoner1572: and drum on heads

prisoner1572: like, tap tap tap , i know about sap

prisoner1572: sap is in trees

prisoner1572: this is bio class

prisoner1572: and not econ


prisoner1572: and while you sing

prisoner1572: you dance around

prisoner1572: do interpretive dance of what the teacher say

stanmann18: ur voice so bad kids in class cover their ears like jeff ammons

stanmann18: and go crazy

prisoner1572: and they all start to grunt

stanmann18: they riot and break things

prisoner1572: they all stand up with hands over ears

prisoner1572: jumping around

prisoner1572: crashing into things and each other

prisoner1572: grunting

stanmann18: boom!


prisoner1572: so the class is like a rock concert right

prisoner1572: the room is like a mosh pit

prisoner1572: but there no music!

prisoner1572: just all the jeff's bouncing around

stanmann18: just grunts, booms, and other......

prisoner1572: and you at the front of the room doing song aboout the lesson

stanmann18: non vocal noises

stanmann18: wait

stanmann18: vocal!


prisoner1572: vocal?


prisoner1572: and you know how jeff runs down the halls?

prisoner1572: barrells down into everybody

stanmann18: ya, what about

prisoner1572: all the students in the class try to do that to get out of the room

prisoner1572: and they all stuck at the door

stanmann18: stampede

stanmann18: and windows

prisoner1572: what windows?