prisoner1572: i got a prospy here. did itell u?

stanmann18: huh?

stanmann18: what prospy

prisoner1572: a prospective student who might come here next year

stanmann18: and what is that about

stanmann18: inform me more

prisoner1572: so he sees what student life at knox is like and can decide if he wants to come here

stanmann18: oh

stanmann18: u should act all crazy and grunt and stuff

stanmann18: run in closet and cry

stanmann18: bang urself against walls and doors

stanmann18: and if he asks how the homework is...and he picks up a book and shows u...u should bat it out of his hands and run away

stanmann18: or start yelling at the book

stanmann18: BAHHHHHHH!

stanmann18: or when u meet that kid.....

stanmann18: u should get down on ur knees and beg for mercy for him to get u out of that school

stanmann18: to help u escape when he's done with his tour

stanmann18: and lay down and wrap ur arms around his leg so he has to drag u whereever he goes

prisoner1572: he is taking walking tour of campus, the whole thing and i always on his leg

stanmann18: in the bathroom....shower......he has to sleep with his leg off the the classes ....and outside

stanmann18: u hold on so tight...his leg turns purple

stanmann18: then his flesh dies below ur grasp

stanmann18: then u tie bag on leg so the dead parts can decompose and liquefy in the bag

prisoner1572: gah?

stanmann18: ha

stanmann18: hahaha

prisoner1572: for what?

stanmann18: for what what?

prisoner1572: why do i want the liquified leg to collect in the bag?

stanmann18: cuz i need

stanmann18: u need*

prisoner1572: what for?!

stanmann18: its ur mental juice

stanmann18: to stay somewhat sane in knox

prisoner1572: ok...

prisoner1572: :-\

stanmann18: normal people juice (outside of knox college) keeps u alive

prisoner1572: k

prisoner1572: and so i collect juicy leg in bag

stanmann18: yea

prisoner1572: then what?

stanmann18: u give his parents the bag cuz it gift

stanmann18: when they pick up their son

stanmann18: and they ask what is this pickle in the bag

stanmann18: u say it sons leg

stanmann18: so they go to hospital

stanmann18: and put pickle back on the leg

stanmann18: and thats the story of pickle boy floyd

prisoner1572: hahaha!!!

stanmann18: y u laugh

prisoner1572: cuz it no funny

prisoner1572: it so funny that its not

stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: it suck

stanmann18: but who cares

stanmann18: i like my pickle leg

stanmann18: girls think it sexy