stanmann18: no...we shit in bags

stanmann18: thats all we do

stanmann18: we bring lots of food in eat and eat

stanmann18: and shit in bags

stanmann18: we sit for many days and just shit

stanmann18: we even sleep sitting on bag...just in case one pops out

stanmann18: then before i leave....we take bags and put behind machines....then i leave exactly after that

stanmann18: we have zero fun...we just sit ans shit

stanmann18: and eat

stanmann18: for more shit

stanmann18: we dont even talk

stanmann18: we like shitting blue man group

stanmann18: we crunch on captain crunch

stanmann18: and make fart music

stanmann18: we also make minimal movements

stanmann18: only blinking

stanmann18: hand movements...from eating

stanmann18: and jaw from chewing

prisoner1572: and handles break

prisoner1572: and bag fills up

prisoner1572: and poo slops onto floor

stanmann18: then we broom the poo into bag

stanmann18: then we sit again and shit with minimal movement

stanmann18: and also no noise

stanmann18: except the pushing sound

stanmann18: to shit

stanmann18: we mentally yell at poo

stanmann18: so our heads jerk and face frowns when we mentally yell

stanmann18: at poo

stanmann18: anyways'

stanmann18: i done here with shit story

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: cuz it start to suck