stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: anyways

stanmann18: i go and sleep

prisoner1572: why

prisoner1572: you bored with me

prisoner1572: huh?!

prisoner1572: cant stay awake!?

prisoner1572: well fine?

prisoner1572: go!

stanmann18: no cuz thats what people do at night

prisoner1572: sleep!

prisoner1572: i don't

prisoner1572: i don't sleep at night

prisoner1572: i sit in my bed pretending to sleep

prisoner1572: so people think im normal

stanmann18: so u can "fit in:

prisoner1572: and if my roomate wakes up

prisoner1572: he sees me in my bunk sitting staring at him

prisoner1572: huddled in my blankets

stanmann18: when he wakes up...u wake up

prisoner1572: why do i wake up?

prisoner1572: i don't sleep

stanmann18: u pretend to wake up

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: i had a feeling you people were crazy

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: just me or everyone here?

stanmann18: just u