prisoner1572: do you know rolling stone magazine

stanmann18: i've looked through it before but never subscribed

stanmann18: y

prisoner1572: would u say it for young people

prisoner1572: like high school and college kids

stanmann18: ya i guess

stanmann18: y

prisoner1572: i write report on it

stanmann18: o

prisoner1572: and when i print report

prisoner1572: i make a hole it in and fuck it

stanmann18: and then rip it up and throw at teacher

stanmann18: or u give teacher ur report

stanmann18: and class is dissmissed

stanmann18: and everyone leaves and also u

stanmann18: and teacher sits and starts to grade papers

stanmann18: and he reading urs

stanmann18: u run to him.....and pee on him and report and run

prisoner1572: ha!

prisoner1572: HAHA!

prisoner1572: baahahaha!

prisoner1572: gah

prisoner1572: i throw up cuz i laugh so hard

prisoner1572: all over floor

prisoner1572: and desk

prisoner1572: and roomate bed

prisoner1572: and he sleep in it cuz it warm

stanmann18: and roommate eat

stanmann18: ya..he cuddle with puke

stanmann18: he rubs his smiling face in it

stanmann18: people run in to feast on ur puke

prisoner1572: so many people i have to hit them with my bookbag to get them away

prisoner1572: and they cringe and run away

prisoner1572: and try to get back in

stanmann18: yea

stanmann18: like hobbits

prisoner1572: no

prisoner1572: like the thing

stanmann18: trolls

prisoner1572: the gray thing

stanmann18: wha

prisoner1572: u know

stanmann18: no

prisoner1572: he say"my precious

stanmann18: the masters beard?

prisoner1572: my precious"

prisoner1572: grommit or something

stanmann18: ya troll wannabe

prisoner1572: WHAT HIS NAME!

stanmann18: Will cwik!

prisoner1572: bah no

prisoner1572: GOLEM!

prisoner1572: THATS IT!

prisoner1572: that the name

stanmann18: like i said billhelm, U!

prisoner1572: BAH!Q

prisoner1572: bahq

prisoner1572: kind like fahq as in fuck you but not really