prisoner1572: i go crazy, ha haha ha haha hahaha

stanmann18: y

prisoner1572: studying

stanmann18: ah ya

prisoner1572: its like trying to shoot dry spitballs at the wall

stanmann18: ha ya

stanmann18: moisten the balls and it will stick

stanmann18: so that means...moisten ur brain by osmosis!

prisoner1572: i'll moisten my balls

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: snort water

prisoner1572: fastest way to brain is through nose

stanmann18: ha

prisoner1572: i take book

prisoner1572: and rip out pages

stanmann18: and smoke it

prisoner1572: no

prisoner1572: roll up pages and put into nose

prisoner1572: after tests

prisoner1572: i take pages and put pot in them

prisoner1572: and then smoke them

stanmann18: feel that info cumulate in ur lungs

stanmann18: u should cut out certain pages with info that u need and paste them to peoples backs

stanmann18: and when ur done with test...tell teacher they r cheating

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: then walk out with A

prisoner1572: ya