stanmann18: so what we do this summer

prisoner1572: poo

prisoner1572: we make poo woman

prisoner1572: and do her

stanmann18: no

prisoner1572: do as in fuck her

stanmann18: we only smoke weed this summer

stanmann18: we can do things...but no matter what we do...we have to be high doing it

stanmann18: if we canoe...we be high

stanmann18: we watch movie

stanmann18: we be high

stanmann18: we make movies when high

stanmann18: we chill with ur parents high

prisoner1572: make special brownies

stanmann18: no too expensive

prisoner1572: u fuck ur dog high

prisoner1572: what u mean too expensive

prisoner1572: wait stop


stanmann18: so we smoke this summer?

prisoner1572: maybe

prisoner1572: we see

stanmann18: i take u to little parties to get drunk?

prisoner1572: maybe

stanmann18: or high

stanmann18: no, we friends r so cool

stanmann18: they will bring u in fast

prisoner1572: wha?

prisoner1572: bring me in where

stanmann18: you'll be accepted fast

prisoner1572: they envelop me in their asses

prisoner1572: their asses open really wide like mouths on some monster

stanmann18: but i bring u to small parties

stanmann18: they no get busted

prisoner1572: i scared of being eaten by someones ass