stanmann18: so what time u be home saturday

prisoner1572: hopefully by 3

stanmann18: o

prisoner1572: but train might be late

stanmann18: make your own train

stanmann18: put wheels on track and push with feet

stanmann18: and use air horn

prisoner1572: the one where you move the thing up and down

stanmann18: and a cow bell

stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: u try to pick up people too

stanmann18: u stop at stations and yell "next stop etc etc"

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: they ask what piece of crap is ur service......u say billiam express

stanmann18: ur slogan is ride me!

stanmann18: and when u do have passengers

stanmann18: .....and u r right by home.....but the other people need to go farther in the city.....

stanmann18: u jump off and run home

stanmann18: they sit there on the train

stanmann18: then.....

stanmann18: u walk to ace hardware a week later

stanmann18: they still on train

stanmann18: they say U!!!

stanmann18: they u yell bah! and run to store

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: then the same when u go home from staore

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: then u cross the tracks the next day with ur mom and dad in car

stanmann18: they say U!!! and u go bah and step on the pedal to go faster

stanmann18: and ur parents yell at u in polish

stanmann18: then u never get license

prisoner1572: ya

stanmann18: 3 years later u walk over crossing and they all dead

stanmann18: but u dont know...u say sorry to waste ur time and u ask them if they still need ride to city

stanmann18: anyways