stanmann18: i have moped

stanmann18: did i tell u

prisoner1572: ya ok

prisoner1572: lier!

stanmann18: for 21st

prisoner1572: you 21?

stanmann18: ya

prisoner1572: buy me alcohol!!

stanmann18: ya we drink this summer ok?

prisoner1572: babies

prisoner1572: or

prisoner1572: maybes

stanmann18: what

prisoner1572: maybe we do

stanmann18: in woods

prisoner1572: have big woods party

stanmann18: ya

stanmann18: us two and trees

prisoner1572: ya

prisoner1572: i have treesex

stanmann18: no

prisoner1572: sex with trees?

stanmann18 signed off at 3:03:57 PM.

stanmann18 signed on at 3:15:03 PM.

stanmann18: anyways

stanmann18: we maybe drink

prisoner1572: we maybe

prisoner1572: i still say i have tree sex

stanmann18: no

stanmann18: we drink

prisoner1572: fine

stanmann18: ya

prisoner1572: so you no visit me huh?

stanmann18: i have no car

prisoner1572: use parents car

prisoner1572: you only use for weekend

stanmann18: no

stanmann18: i go to wis for weekend

prisoner1572: gah

stanmann18: gah what the hell is gah

stanmann18: u freak

prisoner1572: i'm no freak

prisoner1572: I'M NORMAL

prisoner1572: like everyone else

stanmann18: ha

stanmann18: prisoner1572: i still say i have tree sex