stanmann18: doing bullshit note cards

stanmann18: on stupid voodoo

prisoner1572: what class

stanmann18: speech

stanmann18: i have to do speech on it

prisoner1572: u should make voodoo dolls of the class

prisoner1572: and beat them during your speech

stanmann18: or in the middle of my speech...go crazy and become possessed

stanmann18: and then throw myself out the window

stanmann18: and run away

stanmann18: and the hide behind tree

stanmann18: and stare at my class for 30 minutes while they stare at me

prisoner1572: or maybe...

prisoner1572: act like the prof is possessed

prisoner1572: and try to exorcise him

prisoner1572: or say," i have no report to give."

prisoner1572: "i read about vodoo and scare myself,

prisoner1572: i in library with book and reading

prisoner1572: when i read it i slam book shut

stanmann18: or say i just cant read

stanmann18: so i dont even know what to do

prisoner1572: after i slam book shut

prisoner1572: i run downstairs

prisoner1572: and hide between bookshelves in the scifi section

prisoner1572: and on the books you pictures of aliens

prisoner1572: and you get scared again

prisoner1572: but youre in the room

prisoner1572: and you yell that you see devil

stanmann18: and the devil is the teacher

stanmann18: then i fall on the ground and start having convulsions

stanmann18: then spin around like Curly from 3 stooges

stanmann18: and saying woob woob woob!

stanmann18: then i run to corner and start crying

stanmann18: and saying weird things in african languages

stanmann18: then i start grabbing girls boobs and say i need to so the devil can be released from me

stanmann18: then i do a jig on the desks

stanmann18: then i jump out window and run to parking lot and drive my car into the classroom

stanmann18: then i pretend to signal down a helicopter

stanmann18: and i knock people down to save then from getting their heads cut off

stanmann18: then i fall to floor and lay there for 10 seconds and i get up and walk to my desk and sit down

stanmann18: as if nothing ever happened